What is it used for?

This panel allows the administrators to set a position from which the distance of the places (published in the Places widget within the Guest Portal) will be automatically evaluated by the system. In this way, the administrators are able to make the distance evaluation independent from the real setting of the location in which the system is installed.

For instance, if the manager of an hotel placed near the train station wants to publish in the Places widget all the sites near to the city centre, in order to do that he should set the address of the city centre in the Places Settings. 

In this panel, the administrator can also set which categories of places will be shown to the WiFi users. 

It must be noted that, by setting a category as visible, i twill be shown to users a list of all nearby places registered in Google Places as belonging to that specific category. In order to highlight a particular place among others, read the “How to Iinsert a Place” sheet in the Places Management section of this guide.

Places Settings Editing

Search location

In the form, enter the exact address of the location from which the distance of the places will be evaluated. It must be noted that the distance will be visible only in the Places widget and it will be automatically evaluated by the Google Places Application. It is not possible to manually change the distance parameter within the system.

Places Categories

In this screen you can select one by one which categories of places and business will be shown within the widget.

N.B. please note that the sites included in the Places Management will be displayed on the Guest Portal only if the relative categories will have been selected in this settings panel.