What is it used for?

The General Settings panel allows the administrator to define the information related to the location in which the system is installed and configure some parameters. In this screen you can define, among others, the language and the time zone of the country in which it is situated.

General Settings Configuration

The panel presents ten configurable settings, through fields to be filled out or drop-down menus. In particular, it is possible:
  • Currency: set the main currency on the basis of which the sale of any fee accounts and the accounting of collections will be carried out.
  • Timezone: set the time zone of the area where the location is situated.
  • International Settings: allows to configure the display mode of dates, time and numbers into the system, according to the running conventions in the countries listed in the drop-down menu.
  • Guest Portal/Portal Page Language: set the default language for displaying the Guest Portal and Portal Page. The Guest Portal and Portal Page will be displayed to the users in the language of the device used for access, if supported by the system. In the case of devices configured with languages not supported by the system, users will be shown the selected language.
  • Location Country Code: select the country where you will find the location for which the system was installed. This option ensures that for users who come from countries other than the one selected, the SMS delivery option of international mobile numbers will be enabled.

To complete the configuration of the General Settings, just click the "Save" button at the bottom left of the screen.