What is it used for?

In presence of a compatible firewall, the Firewall configuration panel allows to map individual profiles on individual firewall WLAN within the system. In this way, the system administrator can monitor the network performance, separating traffic and providing specific performances to a particular preset user profile.

Available Policies List

The table contains a list of the avalaible policies for current system configutration.

Columns of the Policies List
The entries in the table are the following: 
  • Name: The name of the set policy.
  • Description: a short description of the VLAN used in the policy.
  • VLAN: indicates the VLAN actually used.
  • Default VLAN: indicates the operating status of the policy. 
The system provides for the setting of a default policy, which uses the primary "0" VLAN. In order to change the primary VLAN, you need to contact our technical support.

Policy Mapping Table

Within this table, you can see the full list of all the profiles created in the system. For every existing profile, you can assign a particular policy setting.

Policy Mapping Tools

In order to assign a particular policy to your profiles, simply click on the pull-down menu in the "VLAN" column of the table and select the chosen policy from those available.