What is it used for?

The Credit card sub-panel allows to set the accreditation of the PayPal account of the revenues obtained by the connections paid by the users. In particular, the receivable collections are only those arising from the purchase of accounts with a credit card, made independently by users through the Portal Page of the system. 
To use this function, it is therefore necessary to have a PayPal account already configured (possibly associated with a chosen credit card), to proceed in collecting the revenues through the platform.

Credit Card Settings Management

The tools available for the Credit Card settings are two, namely:
  • PayPal Gateway: allows you to enable or disable the collection mode through PayPal account. To complete the operation, just click "On/Off" on "Activate PayPal" and set the activation on the status desired.
  • PayPal Account: is the tool that allows to associate the PayPal account you want, by entering its email address. By clicking the "Edit" button, a screen in which you can enter the e-mail address to which the PayPal account that you want to use is associated, will appear. After making the changes, simply click the "Save" button to apply them.

N.B. Although the settings are immediately displayed in the sub-panel, in order for the configuration to be actually active, you will need to wait for the provisioning time, that is the setting memorization by the PayPal site. The waiting time for the operation may vary from a few minutes to a few hours.