What is it used for?

The "Landing Page" panel allows the administrator to set the browsing page to which the user is redirected once accessing the Internet through the system. Using this feature, you can customize the browsing experience of users by providing them with targeted communications or showing them their sites or promotional messages of particular interest to the location.

Landing Page tools

You can choose the Landing Page to set among two types:
  • Default welcome page with session information and logout button
  • Custom page.
To set the type of Landing Page chosen, just click the selector corresponding to the desired option and then click "Save Landing Page".

Welcome page with information

By choosing this type of landing page, you can redirect connected users to a standard welcome page. Automatically displayed there is information about the status of the account, such as the connection time left to the user to browse or the type of account used to log in.

Custom Page

By choosing this type of Landing Page, the administrator can redirect the user that has just connected to an external web page (structure site, promotion page, etc.). This way you can convey customized promotional messages or increase the visibility of particularly relevant contents to the location. To set up an external landing page, you should select the appropriate option and enter the address (with http:// or https://) of the resource to which the user is to be directed.