What is it used for?

The Guest Portal panel enables you to create one or more Guest Portals. It consists of a start page that appears when opening the browser by users connected to the network of the location. 
The Guest Portal is a useful tool for the system administrator to communicate with all the users who connect using the structure service. For example, through the Guest Portal you can communicate and show your guests:
  • Information about appointments and events organized by the structure.
  • The weather forecast regarding a location preset by the administrator.
  • Service communications relating to the location.
  • Reviews left by other users and guests.
  • The latest news from the world.
  • The connection to the Portal Page of the system, through which you can access the Internet.
  • The list of sites freely available to the user provided by the system administrator.

The Guest Portal list reports by default all the Guest Portals sorted in alphabetical order according to the name assigned to each one.

Guest Portal Template Chart

Columns of the Guest Portal Template chart

The columns of the Guest Portal Template chart describes the main information relating to every Guest Portal created.

Those informations are:
  • Template Name: displays the name that the administrator assigned to the Guest Portal at the time of its creation.
  • Description: contains a description of the page entered by the person who created or edited it last.
  • Status: indicates the activation or deactivation status of the Guest Portal and therefore its effective visibility for users. It should be noted that you can show only one Guest Portal at a time. If you try to activate a second Guest Portal at the same time, the system will automatically disable the one that was previously active.
  • Tools: contains buttons with which the administrator can operate on a specific item of the Guest Portal. The available actions are three: a preview of the Guest Portal, its modification and deletion of a Guest Portal.


The tools of the Guest Portal chart allow the administrator to see a preview of a specific Guest Portal, to edit or delete it permanently from the platform. Specifically:
  • Preview: the preview button leads to a preview screen of the selected Guest Portal, where you can view the page layout. It must be noted that the preview is only useful to verify how the Guest Portal will appear to the users, since it is not possible to use the functions present on the page. Please note that the Guest Portal is automatically displayed in its format for consultation by monitors. Using the buttons in the preview bar at the top, it is possible to test other display formats, differentiated by the type of device used (tablet or smartphone).
  • Edit: the edit button allows the administrator to open the page of the Guest Portal Composer, the creation and edit tool of the Guest Portals. In this screen, the administrator can make any changes they deem appropriate, as described in the guide to the creation of the Guest Portal.
  • Delete: the delete button allows the administrator to delete a specific Guest Portal. Upon clicking, a confirmation message appears asking for permission to proceed with the deletion. By clicking "Confirm", the item is permanently deleted.