Columns of the Account List Chart

The columns of the Account List Chart describe all the parameters related to the accounts in the list set by the administrator from time to time. By clicking on each column header, you can sort the chart based on the contents of the selected column (in ascending, descending or alphabetical order). These are the columns of the chart:
  • Creation: indicates the date and time in which an account has been created.
  • Distribution: shows the distribution mode of the account provided by the profile based on which the account has been created.
  • Name: displays the name of the account user, indicated at the time of its creation.
  • Username: indicates the username assigned to the account at the time of its creation.
  • Login: shows, in real time, the account status, thereby indicating whether the user is connected to the Internet at that precise moment.
  • Duration: shows the duration of the account, provided by the profile.
  • Time Calculation: indicates the type of timing used by the account (solar, actual or periodic).
  • Time Left: indicates the connection time at the user disposal before the account expires.
  • Price: indicates the account cost provided by the profile to which it is associated.
  • Status: shows the status of the account at that time. It is divided into active, not used, exhausted, deleted, expired, suspended, connected.
  • Tools: contains the buttons the administrator needs to operate on a specific account. There are three available actions: consultation of additional information, credentials resubmitting and account deletion.


The tools of the Account List chart allow the operator to get more information about an account already created, delete or re-send the credentials.
  • Account Info: the information button leads to the "Account Information" chart, in which you can see in detail all the specifications of that account. It is divided into 4 tabs
    • Account data: shows the profile name associated with the account, duration and other details related to the Idle timeout, the number of simultaneously connectable devices and MAC Address blocking.
    • Status: shows the account status and its remaining life.
    • Account events: collects a list of events in the account history in chronological order (creation date, status changes, etc.).
    • Connection log: lists number, timing, amount of transferred data and other details of the connections made from your account. Specifically, it displays the beginning and end of each session, the IP address assigned to the client device and its MAC address..
  • Retrieve Credentials: by clicking on the button re-send credentials, you land on the relating screen containing a summary of the account details and re-send options the administrator can use:
    • Print: to manually print and deliver a voucher containing data and login credentials to the user.
    • PDF: to send a PDF file to the user or save it on a device.
    • SMS: to send the login credentials to the user via text message.
    • E-mail: to send the user an email containing the login credentials of the account.
  • Delete account: the delete account button allows the administrator to delete an account. Upon clicking, it will appear a warning message asking for confirmation to proceed with the deletion. Once removed, the account will still be listed as "Deleted", as well as resulting in the "Status" column of the account chart.